What is the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™?

LiqBon™ abbreviation comes from the "Liquid Bonus," largely characterized by its properties.

LiqBon™ is a bonus (reward, prize, point) that anyone can get and give out. Therefore, it is not just a bonus but a liquid bonus.

How can I obtain it?

You can obtain Liquid Bonus LiqBon for a favor, purchase, sale, pleasant service, and even just for a better mood! This is a kind of a compliment to "thank you" to get "thank you very much."

Who provides its value?

No one does this on purpose. The value is defined at the moment by those who use LiqBons™, in recognition of something and depending on the amount inside the pouch. Although the LiqBon™ is not material by nature, unlike the word, it can be obtained and stored in a personal pouch until the owner needs to thank someone else.

Do you find many LiqBons™ in a particular pouch?

So it belongs to a good person, a cool store, a polite bazaar trader, or a manufacturer of healthy and tasty products. Each user gets their first LiqBon™ rewards as a token of gratitude for installing a mobile application - a pouch for storing LiqBons™ in the mobile. Everything is simpler than ever before. If you received it, you have something to give away as your token of gratitude. Be pleasant and accumulate more LiqBons™ in your Pouch. It's time to thank - add a few LiqBons™ to the phrase "thank you," and the recipient of your gratitude will be twice as pleasant!

The Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ disrupts the customer acquisition.

The retail world is filled with numerous points, miles, and bonuses. But all these tools were still not enough. Once cunning marketers have implemented direct cashback (paybacks for purchases), which has become a veritable parody of modern customer acquisition and retention programs and pulled retail players into the abyss of price wars.

Drawn into the "loyalty games," sellers and buyers have completely forgotten that value is always on the consumer's side. After all, the buyer's activity and the ability to make things paid is the main market value. But retailers and their coalitions usurped the means of rewarding, although they produce other than service.

The loyalty program owner always reserves the right to change the rules of use and value of incentives and, in many cases, does not hesitate, at its discretion, to reset the buyer's bonus account. Also, retail chains having the most comfortable position to communicate with consumers often screen out manufacturers and suppliers, preventing them from developing direct relationships with consumers and capitalizing on such opportunities.

We have invented and released for free circulation the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ - the world's first universal and independent incentive tool that works equally well for the benefit of all users, from buyers and small traders to large manufacturers and international retail chains.

Last update: February 21, 2022
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