Once, having purchased in a large online store (I shall not name the brand of this "marketplace"), I was misinformed about the properties of the product thus received not quite what I was promised. At that time, I was disabled from leaving my negative feedback about the marketplace since either of the online store and the major collectors of customer reviews, limited my options to only a review of the purchased product and its manufacturer.

This is a demonstrative example of the monopolization of the consumer interface. Everything works exclusively for the benefit of retailers, whether online or offline. In this case, the interests of buyers and manufacturers remain secondary.

If we try to understand the essence, then it becomes clear that the true values are on the side of the consumer with purchasing power and also on the side of the product (service) itself. By the way, retail services should be freely and easily evaluated by buyers, same as goods filling the shop windows. But in reality, most «marketing campaign» games are played just on one field and according to the rules of retail chains, coalitions thereof («ecosystems»), and their centralized loyalty programs

Today I am glad to bring to your attention and evaluation the new project called «Club LiqBon»™ aimed at the creation and development of an independent ecosystem providing free circulation of bonus points, electronic tips (E-tips), and any other kind of digital gratefulnesses.

I would be very glad of any help, your fresh ideas and assistance in their implementation, as well as the daily use of the «LiqBon™ Pouch» to the delight of those to whom you are grateful today.

Please don't be limited to shopping. Come up with a new application, try it right away and tell the LiqBon™ community how it came out! If our joint efforts are good, then the independent and popular open reward system will be able to improve the situation so that existing reward monopolists take a worthy and equal place among all other market players.

Together we are creating the first community-driven bonus reward ecosystem, helping each other to receive benefits and much pleasure.

Club LiqBon means independent buyers and grateful sellers, happy suppliers, and motivated consumers. These are all those who do not hesitate to say "thank you" and never forget to answer "with pleasure".