Where do Liquid Bonus™ rewards come from and what can I get them for?

Liquid Bonus or LiqBon™ rewards don't appear out of anywhere. But they can be coined by a beneficial action. The first bunch of LiqBon™ rewards had appeared in the registry when the first LiqBon™ Pouch mobile application was installed and activated. Since then, as a new LiqBon™ Pouch appears on a mobile device and someone adds a new participant in the Liquid Bonus registry, 1000 new LiqBon™ rewards appear in it. The coining happens as a reward for personal contribution to spreading this new bonus ecosystem.

In addition to creating a new Liquid Bonus™ Pouch, another event that leads to the emission of new LiqBon™ rewards, it is a referral program. A new member can enter or scan the Referrer's QR code when installing the mobile application. If a new pouch occurs using a Referrer's QR, then 500 additional Liquid Bonuses LiqBons™ will appear in the rewarding ecosystem. Two hundred fifty will be automatically donated to the Referrer's Pouch, and 250 others will go to the new member's account. Thus, having created a unique bonus pouch, the new participant will receive not just 1000 but 1250 Liquid Bonuses™, thanking the Referrer simultaneously.

As the Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem develops, we may add new Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ rewards emission methods. But this shall always arise as a reward to enthusiasts and participants for their contribution to its development.

Last update: February 21, 2022
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