Pouch Installation: Referral Program Screen

The developer does not coin the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ rewards. Creating new Liquid Bonuses™ is a process that users carry out. LiqBons™ appear in the Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem due to the valuable participants’ actions. The primary activities of this kind are the creation of a new pouch and a recommendation.

The referral program screen is part of the described process:

If you enter the Referrer’s QR code, 500 more Liquid Bonuses™ will be coined at this stage of creating a new LiqBon™ Pouch. Of these, 250 minted Liquid Bonus™ rewards will go to your pouch, and 250 others will be transferred to the pouch of QR you submitted at this stage. The Referrer’s QR is the code of any existing member, be it a famous store or a friend.

By the way, QR is not obligatory to be scanned. You can type or paste its value into the corresponding field after copying it anywhere.

If you have nothing to enter, you like no extra efforts, or you created the pouch earlier, and this operation aimed at restoring access, press the NEXT button to complete the procedure and go to your LiqBon™ Pouch.

New Liquid Bonuses™ appear in the pouch only by its creation. If the pouch already exists in the Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem and the installation aimed to restore access, then the coining of Liquid Bonuses™ does not occur. You can reinstall the application as many times as you like and enter the Referrer’s QR here, but the balance shall not change at every other step.

By the way, the generosity of the system is not unlimited. With the rapidly growing community, the number of coined Liquid Bonuses™ will decrease. The coining new bonuses will move from creating new pouches to other valuable operations in the ecosystem.

Last update: February 21, 2022
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