Pouch Installation: Creating A Unique Object.

The second LiqBon™ Pouch installation stage consists of two steps and is aimed at creating a unique object:

(1) Defining the participant or company name

The first step is to submit a user name or a company name. We recommend it as the primary option providing unique user-specific data.

In fact, this field does not have to be filled with a user or company name. You can submit any string here. The LiqBon™ Pouch shall not store this value; it is not directly associated with the user and will never be used.

The main thing is to remember the exact string entered. It is essential to retain all capital letters, symbols, and spaces. If you need to restore access to the existing LiqBon™ Pouch, you must present the whole string precisely as entered when creating it. If you fail to do so, you will lose your LiqBon balance forever.

After entering the string, you shall press the "enter" button on the keyboard to save the value and go to the next screen.

(2) Providing a secret mnemonic of 10 words

Like the previous step, this is a significant and crucial moment. All participants must create their unique and addressable pouches while eliminating the possibility of a coincidence or abuse.

Short and straightforward words should not be used at the moment to prevent anyone from repeating the user's actions. It's like the well-known password story, but with one exception. The information presented at this stage will have no daily use. But if you do not remember or save all the entered data, you will have no chance to restore access to your pouch in the event of a failure or when changing the mobile. Therefore, take this stage responsibly and, just in case, record and securely hide the entered values. Indeed, if you miss or forget the data, even the system developer will not be able to help you restore access to your LiqBon™ savings.

If you decide using a phrase with prepositions as a mnemonic, then you should keep in mind that one letter is never taken as a word. Therefore, you have to come up with a combination of 10 or more words other than one-letter prepositions.


Without the correct mnemonic, you will not be able to create a LiqBon™ Pouch.

Last update: March 13, 2022
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