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Post-COVID marketing: how to fix up the business went through hell in a handbasket.

Ad on the backpack: «I shall bring your grocery order in 10(15) minutes.»

The notion of «business going to hell» is most of all suited to retail and manufacturing businesses during the COVID pandemic and current post-covid aftershocks. Periodic lockdowns and the use of QR codes to access public areas, breaking economic ties are quickly taking the wind out of retailers' sails. Meanwhile, large production sites face supply problems caused by progressively more complicated supply chain and price-rising logistics for delivering and distributing final products.

But the main problem lies not even in the very fact of restrictions and simulated frictions, but in the fact that no one can say how long all this will last and what new exotic measures will be invented and implemented at the politicians' initiative.

Well-informed retail market players have quickly begun building a virtual online infrastructure that can hoover customers from the traditional offline retail sector. While others mechanically continued to rely on offline stores and live communication with customers. Indeed, in recent years we have seen the emergence of online retail projects calling themselves «marketplaces» and «ecosystems». These seeming niche services have quickly become market leaders in terms of growth and revenue, overnight becoming influential players determining the further development of the retail infrastructure.

The so-called «marketplaces» and «ecosystems» are essentially retail aggregators, which are now making the lion's share of funding in the warehouse system and delivery infrastructure. According to modern market trends, all this should ensure that «big retail» has a dominant and even monopoly position in the retail market forever.

While cooperating with «big retail,» manufacturers also need to restructure their business processes.

But it is quite possible that the well-known globalization era has already started going behind. Huge offline shopping mall networks can finally disappear from the retail scene by mimicking into chains of convenience stores. It may also turn out that large production hubs will become inefficient due to the fact that global logistics will be more complicated and expensive than the production itself, and production will become more profitable in the consumers' convenient proximity.

And this is a potential window of opportunity not just for large manufacturers and retailers who managed to tackle the challenges quickly. It is also a chance for numerous business enthusiasts who have already begun to produce a dream product or service but have faced additional difficulties caused by limited opportunities for qualified marketing and sales.

Indeed, online retail aggregators have long been extremely friendly to sellers. Just think of the well-known and completely free online «ad boards», «price guides» and even social networks. But over time, they launched monetization while building obstacles with a dedicated set of paid services for its overcoming. Though and the very right to be present on the marketplace. What is not the "cost of the shelf" in offline retail?))

A whole industry of experts and assistants for working with online marketplaces is emerging today. And it’s not without reason.

Business with online retail aggregators is getting more and more complicated and expensive. Therefore, a new market niche for marketplace cooperation exerts appears. There's no need to go far for examples - what are the requirements for printing packaging labels. Sometimes, before cooperating with the marketplace, a small business or entrepreneur has to buy a new printer and master the required software. Otherwise, one has to pay an "online sales consulting" fee.

Can entrepreneurs and small businesses make efficient sales bypassing intermediaries? Of course, they can!

Most small retailers, farmers, and manufacturers are now limited to a facade sign and roadside banner. Even such marketing allows you to run a business, but why not try your hand at actively promoting your product or service? "It is very troublesome and expensive" - answer the majority of smaller retailers and manufacturers.

In FINSTICK Innovations, we have spent several years trying to solve this problem. As a result, we have designed the «Liquid Bonus LiqBon™» solution, allowing you to try yourself in the role of a professional marketer simply, quickly, and completely free of charge.

By installing the mobile application «LiqBon™ Pouch,» every seller or manufacturer shall get the following:
(1) The starting «bonus capital» for your first marketing campaign;
(2) The point of sales on the interactive map with its brief description, offer of the day, and a link to the Internet resource, if any;
(3) Loyal customers dased at actual availability from the point of sale or production site.

Without denying the importance of global sales, we believe that the activation and optimization of local sales shall allow the business to develop regardless of external conditions.

The efficient local sales shall allow:
- increase margins by reducing intermediary costs and promotion;
- diversify sales channels to reduce business risks associated with complex logistics and dependence on partners represented by bigger retail chains and marketplaces

Achieving these goals will certainly enable small businesses to become stronger, more stable and more efficient in comparison with competitors. And this is more important than ever during the period of restrictions and the risk of reaching the point of no return from the economy-hell, caused by rather negative administrative impact and losses than business mistakes.

Download the LiqBon™ Pouch, try it yourself and discover that retail marketing and local sales optimization is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

PS.: In a rapidly changing world and facing the global shocks caused by the covid pandemic and political risks, it becomes important to navigate in time and rebuild the business in such a way as not only to minimize possible losses but also to benefit from the happening.
In FINSTICK Innovations, we develop and market innovative products and services, helping a wide range of users stay at their best even in the most difficult times. Share your problems with us, and we will find suitable solutions together!

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How do loyalty programs [un]work?

Loyalty Games

Discount and loyalty programs were invented more than one century ago. Once upon a time, customers were given metal tokens and stamps issued by a different shop. In those distant times, people lived settled and traveled, at best, on horseback. They were going, by modern standards, not on a trip, but rather on a walk.

Since then, a lot has happened. But the want to stimulate sales, and ideally, to tie the buyer to the retailer, has remained. And, oddly enough, the methods in their essence have not changed significantly. Every store or retail chain strives to achieve pure customer loyalty. So they spend extraordinary amounts of money on developing CRM and loyalty programs, making changes to IT systems and cash desks, issuing plastic cards, mobile applications, and distributing them among customers, forgetting that such systems work great just in case no one else is doing it and become a real disaster for customers as soon as every retailer starts doing roughly the same... or almost every retailer because not everyone has enough resources to implement complex and expensive IT systems.

The sophisticated reader will probably notice that the era of plastic cards is already in the past. And today, everyone has a mobile to store numerous loyalty card numbers, and many retailers have already abandoned cards altogether and switched to mobile numbers and applications.

Yes, this is true. The point «issuing plastic cards and distributing them among buyers» is rapidly disappearing from the long list of necessary, and the user experience is becoming much more successful.
But in the era of mobile applications, illiquid points remain illiquid, no one canceled the arbitrariness of retail, and the accumulated bonus points continue to be revoked or depreciated at the command of «the boss of the whole loyalty» of the retail chain or airline.

The «loyalty» turned out to be bizarre. It seemed that retail built the system in the buyer's interests, who would stay with the store, chain, or airline in gratitude for the special treatment. But the result is we wanted the best, yet it turned out as always. Once feeling a donkey carrot, the buyer turned away from the offered gingerbread of points and miles while gravitating towards promotions with the money-up rule.

The idea behind the Liquid Bonus™

The idea of the “Liquid Bonus” as the unified token into which you can transfer your points, miles, and other rewards provided by retail chains, stores, and airlines, has appeared instantly. But it took a long time to find a solution that would not become another partnership or coalition of several sellers. You can come up with a new elegant solution that will bring success and money but will not change the essence. This time, my goal was not common for a business innovator.

For the Liquid Bonus™ to become attractive to buyers and retail chains, it must be truly global, i.e., it shall work not only with the majority of sellers but also be widely accepted in different countries. This tool should not interfere with the process already established by retailers or loyalty coalitions for their loyal customers. And it should not share any customer data accumulated in the loyalty program of an individual retail chain or loyalty program. At the same time, I thought, LiqBon™ must ensure trustful relationships between the participants in the system, even if initially they have no trust in each other at all and even some are direct competitors. By joining such a system, retailers and manufacturers would be able to expand the capabilities of their CRM systems while eliminating the worst drawback of existing loyalty programs - the periodic expropriation of accumulated loyalty points and miles.

But it turned to be that the major retail market players are not ready for "loyalty reward roaming" service today. Well, this is old news for me. Many years ago, when the author worked for the emerging mobile telecommunications industry, telecom operators did not want "to share their subscribers and profits with competitors" either. But later on, the network and international roaming appeared, which in some places began to generate even better revenues than intranet telco services. So I am strongly sure there is more to come!

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Revoking Loyalty Points Fire Your Rights To Reward.

Have your points been invalidated just because the airline or supermarket no longer wanted to store them in the IT system? This is a very common practice for the traditional closed loyalty programs, where all conditions are determined by the retailers. So the buyers are left completely powerless in their ability to save and reward of the corporate awards. The point is that retail chains, airlines, banks, and other large businesses perceive the rewards as deferred liabilities to their customers. Therefore, they prefer to get rid of them from time to time so as not to spoil the business performance, even though it harms the image and the main goal of every loyalty program - to increase the customers' loyalty.

Liquid Bonuses LiqBons™ cannot be revoked since they are stored in an independent registry, where absolutely all operations are recorded and organic. It is impossible to delete LiqBon™ or erase an operation there. All LiqBon™ Pouches and their contents are interconnected, therefore, the entire registry would have to be reformatted from its beginning to the end for the sake of a tiny correction. Having received Liquid Bonuses™ in your Pouch, you can be sure that they will never expire, can not be deleted, or written off at the behest of the participating retailer or the system operator.

Would you like to keep your reward points or miles forever? Just ask your favorite retailer or airline if they have already started exchanging "excessive" points and miles to LiqBons™ instead of disposing of them by expiration. You can also ask them to stop discouraging customers from saving up new ones and killing their final hope of benefiting from loyalty programs.

Community-driven smart shopping

Club LiqBon™ is the open community of honest sellers and motivated buyers.

We are not shopaholics, but buyers who no longer want to spend extra time and money on shopping. We help each other to buy smarter, cheaper, and faster. The main focus is made on simplicity and awareness. Perhaps these are the main properties encouraging users to keep using our open reward ecosystem.

We always think of the same: "where is it better and more convenient to buy". Usually, the answer is through offering aggregators, marketplaces, booking sites, and similar sources. But few people think about the fact that marketplaces and retail aggregators compile their offers according to their own rules, first showing users what is the most profitable to them. At the same time, far from all sellers and suppliers can be represented there for various reasons.

Club LiqBon™ enables direct frictionless interaction between buyers and suppliers (manufacturers) without going through intermediaries. Over time, this cooperation shall improve and consumers will be able to get products and services bypassing numerous dealers, forming an independent user-driven rating for every single supplier or manufacturer.

Simplicity and efficiency are also important for those who offer goods and services, ready to serve more customers than there are today, but find it difficult to attract them. The ability to easily and inexpensively acquire new customers is essential for small businesses that can value and serve their customers like no one else. But sometimes they lose the competition due to their limited opportunities for promotion of their products and services.

Club LiqBon™ is a great free way to establish direct contact with a motivated buyer, without making a lot of effort. An important part of the user interface is an interactive map where you can easily find a place for your retail outlet, farm, cafe, apartment for rent, car service, and even melon sales working only 1-2 months a year. This information, together with the current offer of the day, will be always at hand for buyers and customers with Liquid Bonus™ Pouches. Attract new customers with your great deals, bonus rewards, and great mood.

While getting shopping fun, we share our pleasure with the community and every new purchase becomes smarter and nicer.

LiqBon™? LiqBon™... Liquid Bonus!

Down with stereotypes! Now you can easily supplement your loyalty program with a customer acquisition program for nothing!

The Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ reduces the cost of attracting new customers to an all-time low. Effective low-cost customer acquisition have turned into reality, thanks to LiqBon™.

Yes, of course the Liquid Bonus is not a loyalty program that works exclusively for any seller and is beneficial only when the marketing budget for it reaches a certain level. LiqBon™ is a mean of attracting customers and it does not require usually valuable investment. This is a method with a set of ready-made tools that allows you to effectively work not only with regular customers, but also with any customers who appear in the region at least once.