FINSTICK Innovations launched the Liquid Bonus™ Ecosystem - the first independent incentive environment focused on the benefits of consumers.

FINSTICK Innovations launched the Liquid Bonus™ Ecosystem - the first independent incentive environment focused on the benefits of consumers.

Moscow, 25 December 2021 - FINSTICK Innovations have completed the development and pilot testing of the Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem.

Liquid Bonus™ (abbreviated LiqBon™) is a versatile non-expiring irrevocable reward point designed for electronic tips and other individual rewards. Created as an open and independent token, it can be freely donated and accepted by companies, retailers, or individuals. LiqBon™ can also be used for retail customer acquisition campaigns, promotions, and the «loyalty roaming» service.

This is the marketing tool aimed primarily at the interests of consumers and a wide range of smaller market players who have failed to create and use their own system for attracting and developing customers by either reason or have created it but could not compete with larger players. LiqBon™ is fully interoperable and has no legacy loyalty program holding it back. The circulation of Liquid Bonus™ rewards is carried out in the open Club LiqBon™ ecosystem (, with no corporate or geographic boundaries.

«We have invented and released for free circulation the Liquid Bonus™ Reward as the world's first universal and independent digital incentive token aimed at electronic tips and promotions. It shall work equally well for the benefit of all users, from consumers and small traders to large manufacturers and international retail chains interested in increasing the number of motivated buyers.», pointed out Juli Kuznetsov, CEO of FINSTICK Innovations.

So far, this Club LiqBon™ reward ecosystem is in its infancy. Still, thanks to the user community, it shall soon become a reliable and mature service capable of eliminating most of the existing contradictions and unfairness regarding the accrual and invalidation of loyalty points or miles in the centralized corporate loyalty and sales promotion systems.

For most bigger retailers, the Liquid Bonus™ shall remain a kind of "silly toy" until millions of potential buyers start using it. Subsequently, this tool shall occupy at least a niche for the "inter-program-roaming" - a service designed to open up the tightly centralized closed loyalty programs and other corporate customer development systems.

«We believe in the success of the Liquid Bonus™ as it has been designed and developed for the sake of buyers and businesses that are ready to implement a more flexible, fair, and open customer policy. In addition, 21st century IT and telecommunications have provided unprecedented opportunities for self-organization and building up user communities that can successfully compete even with business giants. A lot is being changed in the post-pandemic era. I hope that most of these changes will turn to be useful for the vast majority of either smaller businesses or global market players.» , He added.

About FINSTICK Innovations: FINSTICK Innovations LLC ( is a startup focused on disruptive IT technology for the emerging fintech, blockchain, community management, and digital retail markets. Founded in 2017, FINSTICK Innovations relies on highly motivated professionals in cryptography, mobile payments, smart cards, telecommunications, and value-added services. With over twenty years of hands-on experience and several invention patents, our team is the bearer of the best Russian practices in software design, development, optimization, and integration of complex IT systems.

About the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™: Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ is a digital token of gratitude, multipurpose electronic tips, a versatile non-expiring irrevocable reward point designed for individual rewards. It can also be efficient for retail customer acquisition campaigns, promotions, and even establishing loyalty systems roaming service. Liquid Bonus™ works with a user-friendly mobile interface providing secure access to buyers' and sellers' LiqBon™ Pouches, as well as the frictionless exchange of reward points. LiqBon™ is fully independent, interoperable, and has no legacy loyalty program holding it back. As such, it is the Liquid Bonus™ that can consolidate the fragmented loyalty rewards market into a single and healthy ecosystem.

About Club LiqBon™: Club LiqBon™ ( is a valuable part of the disrupting Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem based on the state-of-the-art Blockchain solution invented by FINSTICK Innovations. It provides a unique combination of throughput, reliability, and security, eliminating most of the mass-market frictions related to the complexity and costliness of modern loyalty programs. It is also a free complimentary marketing tool aimed at unlocking the retail market potential by activating dormant customers who are motivated but don't visit. First of all, it is aimed at a wide range of smaller retail market players who either failed to implement their own CRM system for attracting and developing customers or launched it but have failed to compete with bigger retailers.
Club LiqBon™ provides direct interaction between smaller retailers and consumers, bypassing intermediaries. This interaction shall improve over time so buyers will be able to get cheaper first-hand products and services.

About LiqBon™ Community: Today, more than ever, we are missing associates and adeptors for improving the ecosystem and telling about its benefits. Therefore, we are looking for allies and regional associates who would soon become respected and influential members of the LiqBon™ driven public retail community. Please forward this press release to at least ten people you know who might be interested in it or who may find Liquid Bonus ecosystem useful to their business. We truly believe in the power of community. We also believe that small retailers and manufacturers can compete with the fat cats of the larger retail business by joining a free ecosystem consolidating smaller retailers and consumers. Please email us your suggestions for improving the service and your articles / opinions for publication in our blog LiqBon™. Please stay tuned to our Telegram, Twitter, MEDIUM.COM or Reddit. pour les dernières nouvelles de Liquid Bonus™. channel for the latest Liquid Bonus™ news. Also do not hesitate to join our Telegram discussion group.
You can also join our design, development, or promotion environment to make a feasible contribution to the Liquid Bonus™ development. Please send us your suggestions on how you can help the LiqBon™ ecosystem becoming more convenient and attractive so we can qualify which team yo can join.
We are looking for active regional coordinators who can become leaders of the LiqBon™ community in their region or even country.
Join us, and we will DO TOGETHER!

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