USECASE: Best Selling Of A Morning Catch

I like fish and I always look forward to cook the morning catch.

Therefore, when I go for a seaside holidays, I make sure to explore the neighborhood, finding out where they sell a fresh local seafood.

But in some areas, the catch highly depends on the season and even weather conditions. Therefore, visiting fishermen's huts and outlets is a kind of a lottery. Once I've failed to buy a morning catch after visiting an outlet for the third time. "Write down my mobile number," a bored saleswoman told me.

The next time calling her, I've heard: "Yes, today everything is there, move faster to grab something and don’t bother me anymore, because I already have a queue!".

Amazing business with fishermen!
First, the fishing is the “as lucky” process. And then, selling the catch under a marketing scheme of the same kind.

But what if the outlet is far outside of the tourist area? Therefore, fishermen prefer to quickly hand over their catch to dealers and those buyers who got to the port on time. Everyone else gets fish from supermarkets and restaurants. Often not that fresh catch as desired.

And this is where Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ with its Augmented Geo Marketing capability can come to the rescue. This time I do not mean bonus points or likes, although this would not hurt.

Fishermen's outlets and their customers would greatly benefit from the interactive LiqBon™ community map that makes it easy to check for the real time offer.

Is there a difference between the interactive LiqBon™ community map and Google Maps? The main difference from Google is that each seller independently updates the point of sale information and the offer of the day. For example, here is the difference between two versions of the fisherman's outlet geolocation points:

You can see that while displaying colorful up-to-date general information about the outlet, Google Maps are unable to inform on the actual offer. This is a fundamental feature designed to monopolize the marketing channel while minimizing its moderation cost.

Indeed, is it possible to centrally control all changes of all objects plotted on the map? Of course not! But there is a healthy solution. We call it Augmented Geo Marketing.

Within the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ community, subject to the self-moderation, maps-based Augmented Geo Marketing is not only viable, but also extremely efficint, allowing us to transfer geoservices to a qualitatively new level of usability. The use case related to the sale of the morning catch is a vivid confirmation.

Please do not hesitate to visit Gogle Play for downloading and installing the free "LiqBon™ Pouch" app for Android in order to

  • smoothly manage your sales and marketing if you are a seller
  • or
  • always have the first hand best deals if you are a buyer

Please visit us at Club LiqBon™ for getting further information on Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ ecosystemand its evolution.

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Post-COVID marketing: how to fix up the business went through hell in a handbasket.

Ad on the backpack: «I shall bring your grocery order in 10(15) minutes.»

The notion of «business going to hell» is most of all suited to retail and manufacturing businesses during the COVID pandemic and current post-covid aftershocks. Periodic lockdowns and the use of QR codes to access public areas, breaking economic ties are quickly taking the wind out of retailers' sails. Meanwhile, large production sites face supply problems caused by progressively more complicated supply chain and price-rising logistics for delivering and distributing final products.

But the main problem lies not even in the very fact of restrictions and simulated frictions, but in the fact that no one can say how long all this will last and what new exotic measures will be invented and implemented at the politicians' initiative.

Well-informed retail market players have quickly begun building a virtual online infrastructure that can hoover customers from the traditional offline retail sector. While others mechanically continued to rely on offline stores and live communication with customers. Indeed, in recent years we have seen the emergence of online retail projects calling themselves «marketplaces» and «ecosystems». These seeming niche services have quickly become market leaders in terms of growth and revenue, overnight becoming influential players determining the further development of the retail infrastructure.

The so-called «marketplaces» and «ecosystems» are essentially retail aggregators, which are now making the lion's share of funding in the warehouse system and delivery infrastructure. According to modern market trends, all this should ensure that «big retail» has a dominant and even monopoly position in the retail market forever.

While cooperating with «big retail,» manufacturers also need to restructure their business processes.

But it is quite possible that the well-known globalization era has already started going behind. Huge offline shopping mall networks can finally disappear from the retail scene by mimicking into chains of convenience stores. It may also turn out that large production hubs will become inefficient due to the fact that global logistics will be more complicated and expensive than the production itself, and production will become more profitable in the consumers' convenient proximity.

And this is a potential window of opportunity not just for large manufacturers and retailers who managed to tackle the challenges quickly. It is also a chance for numerous business enthusiasts who have already begun to produce a dream product or service but have faced additional difficulties caused by limited opportunities for qualified marketing and sales.

Indeed, online retail aggregators have long been extremely friendly to sellers. Just think of the well-known and completely free online «ad boards», «price guides» and even social networks. But over time, they launched monetization while building obstacles with a dedicated set of paid services for its overcoming. Though and the very right to be present on the marketplace. What is not the "cost of the shelf" in offline retail?))

A whole industry of experts and assistants for working with online marketplaces is emerging today. And it’s not without reason.

Business with online retail aggregators is getting more and more complicated and expensive. Therefore, a new market niche for marketplace cooperation exerts appears. There's no need to go far for examples - what are the requirements for printing packaging labels. Sometimes, before cooperating with the marketplace, a small business or entrepreneur has to buy a new printer and master the required software. Otherwise, one has to pay an "online sales consulting" fee.

Can entrepreneurs and small businesses make efficient sales bypassing intermediaries? Of course, they can!

Most small retailers, farmers, and manufacturers are now limited to a facade sign and roadside banner. Even such marketing allows you to run a business, but why not try your hand at actively promoting your product or service? "It is very troublesome and expensive" - answer the majority of smaller retailers and manufacturers.

In FINSTICK Innovations, we have spent several years trying to solve this problem. As a result, we have designed the «Liquid Bonus LiqBon™» solution, allowing you to try yourself in the role of a professional marketer simply, quickly, and completely free of charge.

By installing the mobile application «LiqBon™ Pouch,» every seller or manufacturer shall get the following:
(1) The starting «bonus capital» for your first marketing campaign;
(2) The point of sales on the interactive map with its brief description, offer of the day, and a link to the Internet resource, if any;
(3) Loyal customers dased at actual availability from the point of sale or production site.

Without denying the importance of global sales, we believe that the activation and optimization of local sales shall allow the business to develop regardless of external conditions.

The efficient local sales shall allow:
- increase margins by reducing intermediary costs and promotion;
- diversify sales channels to reduce business risks associated with complex logistics and dependence on partners represented by bigger retail chains and marketplaces

Achieving these goals will certainly enable small businesses to become stronger, more stable and more efficient in comparison with competitors. And this is more important than ever during the period of restrictions and the risk of reaching the point of no return from the economy-hell, caused by rather negative administrative impact and losses than business mistakes.

Download the LiqBon™ Pouch, try it yourself and discover that retail marketing and local sales optimization is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

PS.: In a rapidly changing world and facing the global shocks caused by the covid pandemic and political risks, it becomes important to navigate in time and rebuild the business in such a way as not only to minimize possible losses but also to benefit from the happening.
In FINSTICK Innovations, we develop and market innovative products and services, helping a wide range of users stay at their best even in the most difficult times. Share your problems with us, and we will find suitable solutions together!

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Liquid Bonus™ Ecosystem Is Useful For Merchants In Tourist Regions.

Istanbul and Dubai, Cairo and Bangkok, Paris, London, Seattle, and many other touristic cities and regions need instant post-pandemic access to potential buyers more than ever. If retail chains, hotels, and logistic companies are already conducting customer acquisition campaigns to return their customers, for hundreds and thousands of small outlets, from private stores to melons and gourds, from cafes and dentist offices to beauty parlors and domestic workers, the activity to attract customers often comes down to installing an advertising banner next to the road.

The first community-driven bonus reward ecosystem «Club LiqBon™» is aimed at changing the established practice and raising the marketing capabilities to a new modern level for even smaller retail market players.

Indeed, thanks to the Liquid Bonus™ reward ecosystem, every entrepreneur can quickly and easily publish the outlet and its daily offer to the interactive community map. Moreover, the personal marketing campaign for attracting customers can be launched at any time and it shall cost nothing at all. Just install and set up your mobile LiqBon™ Pouch application and announce: «Today we accept LiqBons™ against discount», or: «Whoever bought a watermelon today, shall also have an extra thanks weighing 100 LiqBons™.» It is all simple and fast as it has never been before!

Of course, this is not the usual classic loyalty program. Every task requires its own solution though. The Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem relying on LiqBon™ rewards has its particular properties, which are sure to become useful for most merchants, manufacturers, and consumers. Give it a try and share your successes with the community, it's totally free!

LiqBon™ Reward Is The Multipurpose Electronic Tip

Have you ever faced a situation when you were well served in a large supermarket, but you've failed to valuably thank the employee who made your shopping pleasant? And this has happened just because it was inappropriate to thank by cash, or there was just a credit card in your pocket, and the shop does not provide any other way to thank the employee with something more significant than just the words "thank you".

The digital Liquid Bonus™ reward is the perfect tool for such a situation. First of all, it is very convenient. If you just scan the QR address of the recipient's pouch from the phone, badge, or business card, you can donate your LiqBon™ - tip right away, or, for example, while queueing at the checkout. Secondly, it is interoperable and does not depend on the retail network. All Liquid Bonus™ rewards that have been received as your tokens of gratitude, could be freely disposed of elsewhere and at the own discretion of the recipient.